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Promote community awareness on the intergenerational responsibility of the people to preserve and conserve our patrimony, the environment and our cultural heritage;

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Establish; manage, operate, and maintain special interest resorts; demonstration villages; or living museum which will showcase the customary and cultural heritage in the Cordillera.
To demonstrate, research and train farmers on the use of traditional organic farming methods in the Cordillera; 
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To provide access to education and scholarship programs to deserving students specially to members of indigenous cultural communities;

Do research and provide for a venue for workshops and seminars on sustainable development and management of the environment consistent with Cordillera’s cultural heritage; 

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To promote awareness and respect and sustain various indigenous customs; cultural heritage; and the arts in the Philippines particularly the Cordillera;

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To use the foundation as a catalyst in promoting awareness, respect and pride on our customs, traditional and cultural heritage.

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