Dynamite                                                            Php 200.00

Deep fried locally grown green chilies stuffed with cheese and ham


French Fries                                                           Php 80.00

Fried potato strips served with your choice of garlic dip or ketchup with mayo


Prawn Crackers                                                    Php 60.00

Fried prawn chips served in a platter


Mixed Street balls                                               Php 80.00


Philippine street food in a platter



Tam-awan Salad                                                         Php 150.00

A trademark salad of assorted fresh vegetables on a bed of greens served with our blend of honey-mustard &herb dressing.


Tam-awan Salad with Smoked Meat                     Php 200.00


The classic Tam–awan signature salad topped with locally made smoked meat from the highlands


All day Breakfast

 Breakfast meals with rice are served with eggs cooked

to your liking accompanied with coffee or tea

 Beef Tapa                                                                  Php 200.00

Pan-fried marinated beef strips

 Pork Tocino                                                              Php 180.00

A sweetened cured pork dish

Garlic Longganisa                                                     Php 180.00

From the local Baguio market, fried Pinoy sausages made of garlic spices

Vigan Longganisa                                                     Php 180.00

Trademark sausage from the city of Vigan in Ilocos made of ground pork, garlic & other spices

Spanish Sardine                                                        Php 120.00

Bangus with carrots and chili, pressure cooked in corn oil served with salsa

Spanish Omelette                                                     Php 180.00

Eggs stuffed with ham, cheese, bell pepper, tomatoes and onions served with toasted bread or rice

Daing Tulis                                                                 Php 180.00

The traditional dried fish, fried and served with salsa

French Toast                                                            Php150.00

Bread dipped in milk and egg, served with honey butter.

Lunch Meals

Lunch Meals are served with your choice of 8 oz soda


Pork chop                                                                   Php 180.00


Fried pork chops marinated using a secret sauce served with mountain rice accompanied with a side dish


Pork or Chicken Adobo                                             Php 180.00


The classic pork or chicken recipe slowly broiled in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic & other spices served with mountain rice.


Pinikpikan                                                                 Php 260.00


Chicken cooked in a creamy broth seasoned with traditional highland “ etag ”(salted pork) served with mountain rice


Daing na Bangus                                                        Php 190.00


Milkfish marinated in vinegar, pepper and garlic served with mountain rice and salsa


Smoked Meat                                                               Php 260.00


The Highland traditional Smoked meat served with mountain rice and side dish


Bagnet                                                                      Php 260.00


Deep fried pork originally from City of Vigan in the Ilocos region  served with mountain rice and side dish


Binagoongang Bagnet Rice                                      Php 280.00


The trademark crispy Vigan  bagnet sautéed in shrimp paste or the local alamang with eggplant, tomatoes, chili finger, onions. Served with mountain rice


Sinigang na Bagnet                                                          Php 300.00


Filipino style sour soup of bagnet, a local dish with fresh lowland vegetables served with mountain rice


Tinapang Tilapia                                                             Php 190.00


Freshwater fish from the local markets smoked to perfection served with mountain rice and salsa


Sinigang na Bangus Belly                                               Php 200.00


Filipino style sour soup of milkfish belly, a local dish with lowland vegetables served with mountain rice


Callos                                                                    Php 260.00


A Filipino-Spanish dish made from ox tripe, leather, beef and chorizo, served with mountain rice


Bowl of Chili                                                                    Php 180.00


A bowl of homemade chili con carne topped with parmesan cheese served with toasted garlic bread or rice

Group Meals


The Tam–awan Meal                                                 Php 1,400.00


This meal comes complete with servings of Pinikpikan, Daing na Bangus, a choice of a platter of chopsuey or Tam-awan salad, highland rice and the soda liter of your choice. For dessert, servings of the Tam-awan Crepe will cap your meal with coffee.


The Family Meal                                                   Php 1,100.00


A family meal starting off with a bowl of hot Sinigang na Bangus, pan fried porkchops,a bowl of chopsuey or Tam-awan salad   served with highland rice and a liter of your choice soda.

 The Barkada Meal                                                 Php 950.00


The group meal is comprised of your choice of Chicken or Pork Adobo, Daing na Bangus served with salsa, chopsuey or Tam-awan Salad, highland rice  and  a  liter of your choice of soda.



Chopsuey Platter                                                    Php180.00


A combination of vegetables sautéed and served to compliment any of the Tam-awan meals


Garlic Rice                                                                     Php 30.00

Red Mountain Rice                                                       Php 30.00

White Rice                                                                     Php 25.00

Egg                                                                                 Php 15.00




Tam-awan Crepe                                                   Php 180.00


Our version of crepe filled with fruit of the season served with chocolate drizzles and ice cream.


Combination Crepe                                               Php 220.00


Two or more fruits of the season stuffed in a crepe w/ chocolate drizzles and ice cream


Apple Pie                                                                       Php 130.00

Apple Pie with Ice Cream                                             Php 180.00




NIC CUP CHOCOLATE (100ml)                                   Php 30.00

NIC CUP UBE (100ml)                                                 Php 30.00

NIC CUP MANGO (100ml)                                          Php 30.00

DRUMSTICK CHOCO ALMOND VANILLA                  Php 50.00

BUTTER PECAN                                                            Php 50.00

COFFEE AND CARAMEL                                               Php 35.00

CHOCO AND VANILLA                                                 Php 35.00



Highlander Pasta                                              Php 220.00


The Tam- awan kitchen decided to bring the traditional meat of the highland usually eaten with rice to a new level, making a unique pasta dish.


A combination of olive oil, garlic, basil leaves and the smoky flavor of traditional smoked meat with cherry tomatoes to add a sweet zing!


Pesto Pasta                                                         Php 180.00


A classic blend of fresh basil from the local market, garlic, olive oil and nuts topped with parmesan cheese and toasted bread on the side


Chicken Carbonara                                           Php 180.00


Chicken strips with diced pimientos in a thick cream sauce topped with parmesan cheese and toasted bread on the side


Creamy Tuna Carbonara                                Php 180.00


Our classic carbonara Sauce with tuna flakes topped with parmesan cheese and toasted bread on the side


Tuna Pasta                                                          Php 180.00


A combination of tuna flakes, olive oil, garlic, nuts, basil leaves, green olives and black olives with toasted bread on the side



Tam-awan Burger                                         Php 190.00


Our version of burger patty topped with cheese served with salad or chips


Cordilleran Club House Sandwich                 Php 220.00


A traditional club house sandwich using kiniing, a locally made smoked meat with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber and your choice of salad or chips


Tam-awan Clubhouse                                  Php 220.00


Clubhouse of tasty ham, cheese, tuna flakes, egg & served with salad or chips


Chili Burger                                                                   Php 280.00


Tam-awan burger topped with homemade chili con carne served with a side dish of potato chips topped with parmesan cheese


 Simple Egg Sandwich                                                 Php 65.00

Ham & Egg Sandwich                                                Php 95.00

Ham & Cheese Sandwich                                          Php 80.00

Egg & Cheese Sandwich                                            Php 80.00

Ham, Egg & Cheese Sandwich                                   Php 105.00

Hotdog Sandwich                                                        Php 80.00


Kiddie Meal

Kiddie Meals are served with

 Hot chocolate or milk



2 Hotdog with Egg or 2 Ham with Egg        Php 180.00

A meal of those children will always love, served with either your choice of toasted bread or a cup of rice

 Bacon with Egg                                             Php 180.00

A complete meal served with toasted bread or rice

 Chicken Meal                                                 Php 200.00

Crispy Fried Chicken served with rice and side dish

  Red Velvet Cupcake                                       Php 35.00

 Chocolate Cupcake                                        Php 35.00

 Fresh Juices


Dayap Iced Tea                                                         Php 75.00

Combination of fresh lime, brewed mountain tea and honey

 Lemongrass Iced Tea                                                Php 75.00

Fresh Lemongrass with Ceylon tea and honey

 Mango Juice                                                             Php 75.00

Fresh blended mango with sugar syrup

 Lemonade                                                                 Php 75.00

Kalamansi Juice                                                         Php 75.00

Mango Shake                                                            Php 90.00


Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Shake                        Php 80.00

A combination of apple, cucumber and carrots with sugar syrup

 Hot beverages

Benguet Blend Brewed Coffee                    Php 50.00

Instant Coffee                                             Php 30.00

     Civet Coffee                                         Php 200.00

Hot Chocolate                                            Php 65.00         

Mountain Tea

Per cup                                                        Php 30.00

Per pot                                                        Php 80.00


Per cup                                                        Php 30.00

Per pot                                                        Php 80.00



IN CAN                                                  Php 35.00

1.5 LITERS                                            Php 70.00

8 OZ                                                       Php 12.00


MINUTE MAID 330 ml          Php 35.00

MINUTE MAID 250 ml          Php 18.00

BOTTLED WATER 500 ml          Php 25.00


 Redhorse 500 ml                                         Php 60.00
Pale Pilsen                                                   Php 50.00

San Miguel Light 330 ml                          Php 50.00

San Miguel Flavored                                 Php 50.00

Brew Kettle  330 ml                                   Php 50.00

Colt 45 330 ml                                             Php 50.00

Red Oak                                                        Php 90.00


Brew Kettle  330 ml           5+1                 Php 230.00

Colt 45 330 ml                     5+1                 Php 210.00